Brilliant and Resilient: Projects With a Social Cause Are Good For Company Culture

13 Jul


As the CEO of a 50-person company, people and company culture are always at the top of my mind. The more our culture inspires people, the better work they do, and the more innovative they are. And over the years I’ve found that one thing that really improves our company culture is involvement in projects with a social mission.

Recently, a few employees and I began contributing to a great project that fits right into the culture here at Palo Alto Software.

Three months ago I was approached by Susan Sygall, the CEO of the non-profitMobility International (MIUSA), about a project she was trying to get off the ground. We both live in Eugene, Ore., and she had heard that I was interested in women and leadership, and thought I might be able to help her out. The project, a photography book called Brilliant And Resilient, features a collection of professional images of and personal stories from 50 women representing a variety of cultures, countries and disabilities, all alumni of MIUSA’s Women’s Institute on Leadership and Development program.

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