Mommy Wars: Hilary Rosen vs. Anne Romney. All Women Lose.

16 Apr
Photo of Hilary RosenI, too, am frustrated that Democrats can’t align behind their own and support Rosen, and make sure that the message about Anne not being the right person to relate to women’s economic issues got out. They should have slapped Rosen on the hand about her misstep (claiming stay-at-home mom’s don’t work) and moved ahead with the very valid message. Instead, they are contributing to the Mommy Wars by completely denouncing Rosen. It’s bad enough that women in this political campaign season have had to defend their personal  choices left and right. It feels like all of a sudden women are being slammed for everything they have earned over the last 50 years.  Want birth control paid for by health insurance? You must be a slut.  Want the right to choose whether you want to be pregnant or not? You must be a killer. And it goes on and on. I thought we fought these battles in the ’70s, and yet here they are all over again.

I hate that women can’t just stand up and be on the same team. We have fought so hard to be able to be where we are today, and then we attack each other. I feel like I’m back in middle school battling the “mean girls” syndrome. Why is it that stay-at-home moms and working moms have to discuss who has made the better choice? Why is it that when Rosen says something about stay-at-home moms not working, rather than being able to clarify and say “working outside the home,” it has to turn into a huge battle about respecting mothers? The fact is that most stay-at-home moms can NOT relate to Ann Romney. Because most women can’t relate to her. She and her husband are fabulously rich, and have had financial privileges  most families in the United States can’t even imagine. The issue at hand was whether Romney should help represent economic issues as they relate to women. Clearly the answer is no. It would be very hard for anyone to debate otherwise — yet that is not the debate which is happening. Instead, all working moms feel the heat for a working mom who mis-spoke.

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