Where Are The Women At Work? Women, Leadership, and The Gap

27 Apr

I just came across this fascinating infographic on Women @ Work from the MBA@UNC Online MBA program at UNC. As politicians (mostly males) debate women in our economy this inforgraphic sheds some light on women and leadership in the working world.  Based on the following infographic it is clear that women still have  along way to go before we achieve parity in leadership in the working world.

The good news:

  • Women are founding businesses at 1.5x the national average
  • Women-operated, venture-backed companies have 12% higher revenues
  • Companies with more equalized gender distribution in the upper echelons garnered 30% better results from IPOS

The bad news:

  • Only 3-5% of all women owned businesses receive venture capital funding
  • Only 16.5% of US companies have women on their boards
  • Only 25% of the tech industry is women

Read the rest and see the infographic at ForbesWoman


2 Responses to “Where Are The Women At Work? Women, Leadership, and The Gap”

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