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Do women really always have a longer “list”

28 Sep

Lisa Johnson writes a great blog at Reach Group Consulting. She specializes in marketing to Women and has some really interesting advice and information. She wrote a blog post a few days ago Marketing to Women2.0: Her Longer List which talks about the idea that women expect more out of products and services than men. It is fascinating to read, and I am not sure if I buy into the idea 100%. I think there are cases in which I believe it is true, but there are cases where I don’t agree.

Lisa uses the Flat Screen TV example to explain the woman’s longer 10 item list vs. a man’s 5 item list. Maybe I am just weird or different (I have been told that!) but that was just not the case for me. I found myself in a Best Buy just recently with my husband, looking at flat screen TVs. I personally just don’t have a longer list than my husband. He is a tech gadget geek (in a good way) and had done hours of research before we went to look. He knew what models, how much they should be, what features he wanted, and really just wanted to have me see it before he bought it. The bottom line is I trust him. He does good research. I don’t really care what the sales person says to me, whether the music is loud, or anything else.

Now maybe its different when we are buying a car? I am not sure. I am trying to think about his list vs. my list and figure out whether mine is longer? I tend to think, at least in the case of my marriage, my husband is less forgiving about products and services than I am, and if you sell him you will most likely sell me. Again maybe I am just weird.

I think the bigger picture here is that there is no “one size fits all” for any one large demographic. Are you reaching young women or older women? Are you reaching single women? Mom’s? Grandmothers? I am sure of course that Lisa Johnson will agree with me. One of my big pet peeves as a marketer is when people make broad generalizations about the market they are reaching, rather than focusing in on the specifics about the people who really need/want their product or service. You most likely are not EVER marketing to all women, or all men, or all Hispanics, etc unless of course you are an enormous brand like Walmart or Mc’Donalds. And even they know that they won’t corner the entire market of people in the US. I for instance don’t ever go to fast food places, and have been in Walmart less than 5 times. There are many reasons why – and hopefully those companies understand those reasons and realize I do not want or need their products or services.