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Choose or Shut Up

4 Nov

It’s amazing to me that such a large percentage of eligible voters are either not registered or, even if they are, simply don’t vote. Only 54% of Americans who can VOTE actually do. This is appalling. America is 35th in the world in voter turnout. Italy gets 90%, Germany gets 80%, and France, Canada, Britain and Japan all get over 70% of eligible voters to participate. It is nice to see that it looks like we may have record numbers turning out to vote this year, but even so, I think we will be lucky to reach 60%. That means, at best, over 40% of American voters simply could not be bothered. This means 40 MILLION, yes 40 MILLION people, who could participate simply won’t. If there is ever a sign that we are not educating people in this country, this has got to be the big glaring one. How can you be an educated person and choose to not participate in a process that ultimately decides the rules that govern your life?

More interesting to me is that there appears to be 40 million people in America today that are super happy with everything in our country. I can’t believe those 40 million people don’t want to even voice an opinion about legislature, taxes, or foreign policy. How would those 40 million feel if we only let the 120 million that voted EVER voice their opinions? How cool would it be to know upfront that someone had not voted, so that when they started complaining about the economy, taxes, Iraq, whatever, you could simply tell them to shut up. Maybe that would change their minds and get them off their butts to vote.

Whether you support Obama, McCain, or even Nader, it means NOTHING if you don’t bother to choose. So seriously people CHOOSE or SHUT UP. Oh yeah, and GO OBAMA!!