How Being a Mom Ruined Hunger Games For Me

26 Mar

Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen the movie and plan to, and have not read the book, then don’t read my post. My company went to one of the first showings of Hunger Games last Friday. We were celebrating one of our most successful apps, LivePlan, turning one year old.  In the past five years I had only been to movies created for young kids. The buzz everywhere last week was Hunger Games, and clearly it was THE biggest movie out in a long time. So I agreed that it would be a fun way to celebrate the LivePlan anniversary. We bought everyone tickets to the first showing Friday afternoon in the IMAX theater.

There are many things that were amazing in the movie:

  1. The casting was spectacular. Woody Harrelson, and Lenny Kravitz shined in their roles. Jennifer Lawrence was amazing. Rue, played by Amandla Stengberg was perfect. Stanley Tucci was delectably unlikable. Donald Sutherland played his character perfectly.  Elizabeth Banks couldn’t be more unappealingly and shallow playing Effie; a terrific performance.
  2. The costumes were divine.  They were vulgar and amusing and perfectly depicting the out-of-control world of the “haves” vs. the grim, drab, and bleak costumes from the people in the districts.
  3. The story and the cinematography are incredibly engrossing. You don’t want to leave your seat. You are not thinking of anything else except what is in front of you. You care about the characters and you are pained throughout the story.

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