Vanity Fair Solicits Votes For Sexiest Cartoon Characters: Fun or Inappropriate?

14 Mar
Disney Princess: The Ultimate Song CollectionOh, Vanity Fair. I really do like your magazine. I have been a subscriber for over 10 years. I have given the subscription as a gift to many, many people. I like your writing. I like your features. It’s one magazine I actually find time to read (as a working mother of three little boys, reading for fun does not make it high on my to-do list).  But I have to say I am appalled by this content. Here is the official poll on the Vanity Fair web site:Poll: Which Animated Movie Character Was Drawn with the Most Sex Appeal? And here is a tweet from @VanityFair  about this contest:

In a world where we constantly position women and girls as sex objects and expose girls to a plethora of inappropriate sexual images way too early in their lives, is this the kind of “fun” poll that a smart magazine like Vanity Fair should be supporting? I realize that they appeal to an adult audience. I also realize that this is not the first time they have content I think crosses the line between cool, fun, appropriate, and vulgar and inappropriate. I distinctly remember this cover because my six-year old asked me all kinds of questions I didn’t think should even be in his little six-year old mind when he saw it:

Read the rest at Forbeswoman


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