Is “Find Work-Life Balance” Just Code for “Feel Guilty?”

17 Jan

It’s great to be back. If that sounds insufficiently guilt-ridden, sorry. I’m happy to be back at work. No ambivalence, no self-flagellation. It’s great to earn a paycheck again. It’s magnificent to get coffee, use the bathroom by myself and be around grownups. Even meetings are fun, though that feeling will surely pass. So today I’m outing myself as a happy working mom, despite the pressure women with kids often feel to sound miserable and conflicted about the “choice” to work.

Susan goes on to make sure the readers know she enjoyed staying home, loved a long maternity leave, and will revel in her weekend with kids all day. But she makes the point that she chose to go back to work, is happy, and refuses to feel guilty. Amen to that! I feel like more than half the battle for women who work is striving for the supposed balance. Why is it that men feel less inclined to stress out about this ever so tenuous balance? It’s not that they don’t feel torn to have a balanced life. It’s not that fathers don’t want to spend more time with their family, their kids.  So what gives? Why is this a bigger issue for women?

Read the rest at Forbeswoman


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