Old Navy Coupons Gone Wrong

1 Sep

There is something about seeing a poorly implemented marketing program that just makes me want to strangle the person who thought it up. Someone in Old Navy’s marketing department had the brilliant idea to help drum up sales during August. Here is the idea:

Get people to come into Old Navy from Aug 1st through Aug 18th by enticing them with coupons. Every $20 you spend, you get a coupon that gives you $10 off any $20 or more purchase in the future. Every $40 you spend gives you $20 off every $40 or more purchase in the future. If you spend for instance, $190 at Old Navy between Aug 1-Aug18, then you would have been given, at the time of the purchase, $80 worth of Super C-A-S-H to be redeemed at the end of the month.
Old Navy only let customers redeem the coupons from Aug 25-29.
So far so good. Sounds like a pretty typical coupon promotion. But here is the kicker:

If you spent $180 in ONE transaction, you still got multiple Super C-A-S-H coupons that looked like this:

Read the rest at Forbeswoman


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