An Organization Without Performance Reviews? It Happens in our Schools.

11 Jun

I know many unions and teachers will not agree with my post. I know I will get some flack from people in education. But I can’t stand to not say anything. I live in Oregon, one of only 14 states where there are NO teacher evaluations or performance reviews, or not any that affect who gets laid off or fired. In a time when Oregon has had to slash education budgets and lay off teachers, we have not been able to keep our best teachers. Instead we can only keep the teachers who have taught in the districts the longest. Eugene’s 4J District recently lost quite a few great teachers due to layoffs that only took seniority into consideration. I don’t understand why there is such a huge objection by unions and teachers to performance reviews for educators. I understand not all performance reviews are created equally, and that the right performance review needs to be used. But to simply have none at all is an irresponsible way to run any organization.

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