Breastfeeding Makes You Less Competent at Work?

29 Apr

As posted on ForbesWoman:

I just read a jaw dropping psychological study called Spoiled Milk: An Experimental Examination of Bias Against Mothers Who Breastfeed. The study looked at whether women who breastfeed are the victims of bias, particularly in the workplace. I read the study, fascinated but feeling like you do when you pass a scene of an accident and engage in rubbernecking. Let me quote the results from the study so all of you can drop your jaws:

In three studies, results showed that mothers who breastfeed are subject to the opinion that breastfeeding mothers are incompetent.
Researchers conducted three studies to gauge perception of women who breastfeed vs. women who bottle feed vs. women where motherhood is never mentioned. In all three studies, women who breastfed were rated lower in general competence and math competence and workplace competence. One of the more fascinating aspects of the research was that in study #1 the researchers used Brooke Shields as the “subject:”

Read the rest on ForbesWoman


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