Recession? What Recession?

21 Apr

I was in Portland, Oregon this past weekend on a fabulous, much needed, girls’ weekend. Actually to be fair, considering our age, we called it the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Old Lady Pants” weekend.  The weekend was devoted to talking, eating, “spa”ing and shopping. I figured that, due to the economy, everything would be pretty empty and we would have stores, spas and restaurants to ourselves.

Boy was I wrong. In the morning, we started at the spa, and while it was fantastic, I would say the one issue was that the spa was BOOKED!  There were people everywhere! In fact, if it hadn’t been that we got to the spa early,  it might even have been annoying.

We then headed out to a brunch place, which has delicious food but is certainly not a “cheap” place. Again it was packed! From there it was off to Portland’s Pearl District for some boutique shopping. Every store we went into had lots of sales, but was also, you guessed it, packed. 

From the Pearl, we hopped on the free Portland Street Cars and headed up to Pioneer Square, and Nordstrom.  Nordstrom was having some sort of special makeup event, where you could get your makeup done at pretty much any counter. There were probably 50+ makeup stations set up and, again, the place was so packed you could barely walk around. 

We finished our fabulous day by going for dinner at Wildwood, a fantastic restaurant in the N.W. 23rd area of Portland. Granted we had our pick of reservation times,  but once there it was definitely full. So what gives? Where is the recession?


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