Paying Premium For “Green”

11 Feb

My husband and I opted to pay a little bit more in order to buy energy from renewable energy sources. It’s the type of thing that sounds good, and makes you feel good, but you wonder whether it is really making a difference at all. Today I received a really cool letter from Pacific Power, the energy company we use for our house in Bend, Oregon. They included a “personalized” report which stated:

Your total 2008 Blue Sky Purchase of 3,099 kilowatt hours of renewable energy avoided the release of 3,755 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. This represents environmental benefits equivalent to NOT driving 3,808 miles.

How cool is that? I can actually see what I paid for, and measure the difference it has made. I will definitely opt into the program for 2009, and will be happy to pay a little bit more in order to feel like I am making a difference. There are very few direct mail letters that I can think of where after opening them I am actually GLAD that I have received them.  Think of the benefit that Pacific Power is getting from all the very happy customers who feel recognized for making a difference. That is an example of a great customer experience!

Now if they could only get that message to me in email — it would have saved some trees and some more energy! I guess we need to go one step at a time! 😉


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