Random Compliments

26 Jan

This weekend my husband and I were up on Mt. Bachelor with our 2 year old and 4 year old, skiing as a family. For the first time since our boys were born we can actually all go up on the chairlift together, and on days when our 4 year old wants to wait for our 2 year old, even ski down together. As avid skiers, this season is so much fun. We have been waiting for the day we could all ski together – and it’s amazing that it is happening so quickly.

As we skied down marshmallow, all 4 of us,  (a nice easy run for kids off of Sunrise chair at Mt. Bachelor) an older ski instructor yelled out to us:

“You guys are great parents.”

I can’t tell you how good it felt to be recognized by a random person. After all, my husband and I could go the way of many parents, and stick our kids in “ski school” (aka daycare so parents can ski on their own), or even just not take the kids skiing and only got to the mountain when we have babysitters. Sure it would be great to actually get to use my brand new skis, beyond just being forced to snow plow behind the 2 year old who is skiing, but on a leash. BUT we consider this an investment in the future of our skiing. Already the 4 year old skis just as fast as me or my husband (albeit a little out of control sometimes), and is skiing anywhere there are blue squares. Next year he will be unstoppable. Our 2 year old actually has the stamina now, after 9 days on the slopes to do 4 and sometimes even 5 runs – which is amazing for a little guy just over 2 ft. tall.

It’s nice to feel like we do some things right! 😉


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