Guilty Pleasures

23 Jan

OK, so now my secret is out. Occasionally, late at night, while I browse the competition, or catch up on my Google reader, I watch terrible MTV reality shows. Yes, it’s a terrible, and until now, hidden vice I have. My husband thinks I am silly – and I agree. But it is my secret sin.

So lately I have been watching The City, a spin off from The Hills. (I know I can’t even believe I am admitting to this. A 35-year-old, mother of 2, technology CEO watching this crap – shameless). But I’ll tell you why The City intrigues me more than the terrible fake reality show The Hills. I like Whitney, the main character. She seems like a smart girl who got caught up into these shows by being;  a) at the right place at the right time, or b) the wrong place at the wrong time – depending on how you look at it. She seems like she has been well raised, and that she would like to try to make smart decisions about her career. Maybe I am just buying into the show, but I just feel like she is a real person caught up in this sham. I am rooting for her because she seems like she just doesn’t fit into this whole contrived reality.

So now I need to address Olivia. She is the “social” in the show, i.e. the socialite. She is a beautiful girl who has obviously lived a very privileged life. But watching her on the show, she NEVER seems happy. She is always grimacing while she tries to say something nice. I just want to hug her, and give her some old fashioned love. She is always worried about everyone else and what they are doing — trying to make sure they see her, listen to her, heed her advice. After all she is a “social”. But sadly most of the people on the show just seem to casually ignore her. She seems to get that she is not the star and is certainly annoyed by the whole thing. She also seems mad that Whitney gets special treatment — because she is the star — although we all suspect that the reason Olivia has a job at DV is because of privilege, not because she earned it on her own.

So what does this have to do with my life, my work, my blog? I can’t help but be worried about the young women out in the world today. They are under so much pressure to grow up quickly. Our society is changing — sometimes for the betterment of women, and unfortunately sometime for the worse. I see popular stars like Miley Cyrus who is barely 16 but dating a much older guy. She dresses like she is in her 20’s and is photographed with this 20-some-year-old guy — and I wonder what that says to all the 10 and 12-year-old girls who love her? I wish Miley’s mom would understand what this does to American girls — let alone her child. Look at stars like Natalie Portman — who went to Yale, yet is a HUGE movie star.  Why can’t more of our younger stars be like her? Don’t their parents see the writing on the Lindsey Lohan wall?

Girls! Think about what you really want out of life — and find role models that fit your goals. There are plenty of good role models for our young girls. Fortunately, they don’t always do “exciting” and “newsworthy” things like drive drunk, get arrested, or go to rehab, but unfortunately, they also don’t get mainstream media attention either. I feel like females as whole step forward three or four steps, and the we all step backwards 6 or 7 steps when our adoration is put on people like Miley or Lindsey or Paris.

Whitney — stay strong and stay true. Maybe you will turn out to be a positive  role model for our girls, albeit a “boring” reality TV star!


2 Responses to “Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Stephani January 24, 2009 at 1:33 pm #

    So true.

    I don’t have any children myself, but I think I would be a nervous wreck bringing up a little girl in this world. Their so-called role models (Britney, Paris, etc.) should be ashamed of themselves..

  2. Leticia- Tech Savvy Mama February 17, 2009 at 7:12 pm #

    Oh this is a great post, not only because of the fact that MTV reality shows are my guilty pleasure but because I hope that our daughter will find strong female role models who do the right thing. BTW- I despise Olivia and hope that she is really not like her character on The City but know that even her TV personality can’t be too far from her real one. And I finally had to come clean and admit my love of MTV shows:

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