A New Dawn

20 Jan

The wait for the new administration is finally over. Finally, after the country decisively voted for Barack Obama, we get to start seeing him in action. And I think most people agree that it is not a moment too soon. As the economic uncertainties have worsened we have been a country without a leader. The old administration of George Bush and cronies, seemed too tired, demoralized, or just bored, and just stepped aside and looked on – behaving like a rubbernecker at a traffic accident, and not the lead rescuer on the scene.

Meanwhile, in watching Obama’s briefings, and hearing what he has to say, I get the feeling that he has been chomping at the bit – but not allowed to join the race yet. In the worst time our country has seen in decades, we have been waiting, with bated breath, leaderless. So finally now, I breathe a sigh of relief and feel a waft of fresh air. A new dawn has come.

From an entrepreneurial perspective I am very encouraged by the appointment of Karen Mills to head the Small Business Administration. I hope that her background in finance and venture capital, as well as her strength as a woman entrepreneur and business leader will help get the SBA back on track. We need strong leadership for small businesses in America – and an organization which can look forward, use new technology, and be the small business advocates that this country needs. In their last fiscal year the SBA helped 30% fewer businesses get SBA loans than during the previous year. We need to get these programs back on track and, some funding and money into the hands of small businesses. We may not be the auto industry, or the very-well-connected financial industry – but we are the backbone of America.


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