A Sad Day

14 Jul

The Mercury News reported on Friday that there are ZERO female CEOs at “top silicon valley firms.” Diane Greene was ousted from VMWare, the company she co-founded 10 years ago. It’s sad to me that there no women in the US tech world’s hot bed of innovation, the silicon valley. Women have made great strides in the tech world, and I have been feeling like I am in good company as the leader of a technology company.

But that being said, just last weekend I was hanging out with a friend who works for Nike. She has a top position in online strategy and is a super smart woman. She got her MBA for Berkeley as a Rhodes Scholar from Australia and has always been super focused on her career in technology. She also has 2 young children under 3 years old. She says while Nike has been great and very supportive of her pregnancies and being a mom of young children, she still can’t help but feel the mommy track. She has to get home by 6pm and she can’t get into work much before 9 am because of daycare. She no longer works at the office on weekends (although she is always checking in and carries a blackberry), she has a commitment to her young family. Don’t take me wrong – she is not at all upset by her situation. She loves her job and her family. But she says she is definitely aware of the difference in her career opportunities since she had children. She looks at the most successful women at work around her, and lo and behold, they are single and or childless.

One day the working world will recognize the skills and a point of view a working mom can bring to the table. I have never met more focused, more strategic, more able to effectively multi-task and get ridiculous amounts of work done, than my fellow working moms. I know one day the rest of the world will understand the power and knowledge that only a mommy can bring to the business table.



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