My first time back in a movie theater in 3.5 years!!

10 Jul

Last night my husband agreed to watch the kids, give them dinner, bathe them and put them to bed on his own. This is no easy feat when the kids are 4 years and less than 2 years old.  While this is definitely a a hard task for anyone I am lucky to have a husband who truly does his share of the house/kid work and has no problems dealing with the kids for the evening.

I asked him to give me an evening out so that I could go out to dinner and then to watch Sex and the City with my mom and my 3 sisters. I usually don’t indulge in an evening like this because I want to be home with my kids after being at work all day. I like to work, but I also love to hang out with my kids. I have understood that one of the compromises that I make everyday is giving up indulgences like an evening out without my husband and without my kids.

Although I don’t usually indulge —  last night was a great evening out. It reminds me that that while I am perfectly happy to focus my life on work, my husband and kids, once in a while its nice to focus on me! And can i say that watching a movie in a theater is nicer than I remembered?


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