Amy Winehouse? NO NO NO!!!

12 Feb

I know, I know. Not the topics you might expect on my blog. But I am just appalled that someone that is in such a sad sad state, embroiled in criminal cases and with a terrible, terrible drug problem could be rewarded in such a public way. As someone who has worked very hard to get where I am today, I am offended. I know she is a talented artist — but aren’t the judges of the Grammys adults? Don’t they live in the context of this world? Can’t they use their judgment and realize this is a person who needs to take a little time off, take care fo herself and be responsible? Really, really, we want to give her 5 Grammys?

As I look at the news I only see mention of one person who has spoken out against Winehouse’s win. Natalie Cole was quoted at an after party saying:

“I don’t think she deserved it, I think she needs to get her life together first, and then get the awards later.”

Amen to that. Yes she is talented. Yes her music is great.  But since when do we give the highest honors to someone who runs around injecting themselves with illegal drugs, smoking crack, etc. etc.? How can we look at our children and tell them that they need to work hard, be smart, and be responsible in order to be successful in life, when they look at the news media and see Amy Winehouse, drug addict, sweeping the Grammys? Is this a ploy for ratings?

I really don’t understand and I really don’t agree. I know people will say that extraordinary artists throughout history have been “tortured” souls. Look at Van Gough, or Picasso. I understand that this type of talent can be overwhelming and it sometimes comes hand in hand with emotional, and mental problems which are often times self medicated. I get that. But seriously, to reward Winehouse at this time, as she is dragged from rehab to rehab, found bloody and beaten after a drug induced fight with her drug addict husband, simply is wrong. What will all those vulnerable high school students take away from the Grammys this year? They will see that using drugs, and endangering yourself and others gets you the ultimate rewards. Too bad.


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