How much time do you really need?

30 Jan

More. Of course. But Nataly at Work It Mom has an interesting post about time and whether more time really makes people more productive. I truly believe that in a work environment, there is only so much a body can do in one day. I think that when people try and fool themselves into thinking that they can and should work 80 and 100 hour weeks, the only thing they are doing is heading for a burn out, and in my opinion, working hard but not smart. And the reality is that everyone needs time “off” in order to be truly productive and creative.

When I worked in the Silicon Valley I was deeply disturbed by the “face time” culture that existed in the dot coms where I worked. It felt like people were at the office just to be there — but not necessarily to work. There was a lot of water cooler talk, too many video games played, and lots of long leisurely meals. No offense to my fellow employees, but I have my own personal life. When I am at work, I want to work, but then I want to go home and have my life. Most people when it really came down to it were really only working 6-7 hours a day, and mixing it up with lots of socializing.

I truly believe that you accomplish more and are most productive when you are realistic. Think about the most important, busiest, people in business who I think, give us all this idea that to be truly successful you must work 100 hour weeks. How many hours a week do they spend in meeting after meeting, or traveling to important meetings? How many hours a week do they actually spend working? they are forced to work longer hours because they have to deal with a bunch of time sucking activities– not because they are actually sitting down and working in front of a computer those 100 hours.

So my advice is WORK SMART. You will see more results, and you will be a happier person!


One Response to “How much time do you really need?”

  1. simplyfreedom August 30, 2008 at 8:07 pm #

    That’s very true! It’s incredible how much ‘face time’ you’re supposed to put in. The other thing is how boring is it just to be at work all the time? In my opinion no fun at all. Everyone’s got to have some fun time, it helps not only your productivity but also your relationships with friends, family and even colleagues or customers!

    Great post topic.


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