Mommy What Color is Her Face?

10 Dec

I posted on Huffington Post on Friday, and as expected I got some comments that give me the urge to respond directly to each person, and explain to them why I said what I said. I understand this is all part of the blogging game, especially on a site like Huffington Post.

What I find most annoying is when people try and tell you what your experience is, and why you should think like them. The whole point of an OPINION blog is exactly that. I grew up mostly in California, a child born from an Irish American father and a Mexican mother. My mother and her family are fairly light skinned, and my dad’s family is so blond, that I turned out blond, with fairly light skin (that tans great!) and brown eyes. I endured years and years while growing up hearing people say nasty things about Mexicans not realizing that I was Mexican. I grew up in a world where skin color is what determined your race.  I kid you not when I tell you that I STILL have people actually question me and tell me that I am not Mexican – that I couldn’t possibly be, because of the way I look. I have had people tell me “No, honey, you must be Spanish, not Mexican.” Seriously.

My sons, live in Eugene Oregon, a place that unfortunately has very little racial diversity. I want to teach them about race, ethnicity, and culture, and make sure that they understand the real world is not as homogeneous as Eugene is. that being said, I don’t believe skin color is necessarily a way to describe people. All my life I have been privy to racists comments about Mexicans because my skin color doesn’t match my heritage.

Read my post — and comment if you like. But know that I am raising 2 children who will understand that people should never be judged by their skin color.


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