Oh The Guilt

11 Oct

My husband and I are going to London to attend a business conference November 2nd and 3rd. We are taking the boys with us, as we don’t want to leave them for 6 days. As a bonus they will also get to meet their 95 year old great granny who lives just outside of London. In order to get to London, and be somewhat awake for the conference, we have to fly on Oct. 31st, which means that our 3 year old will be missing Halloween and trick or treating. When we made our plane reservations a few months ago we both figured that he would be too young to really notice. Although missing Halloween was a little bummer, we thought that at 3 years old he really wouldn’t know what he was missing.

Well we were wrong. For the last week all Timmy can talk about is Halloween and what he wants to be. So we decided that we would throw a Halloween party the Sunday before we left. That would surely solve all the issues.

Wrong again. After hearing about the party Timmy got very excited and said “Yeah! I can go trick or treating with my friends! I am so excited Mommy!”

Oh the guilt. We have to get to this business conference – we don’t have a choice. At least we get to bring the kids with us… right?

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2 Responses to “Oh The Guilt”

  1. Susan October 12, 2007 at 12:45 am #

    You are not alone! I think you should commend yourself for bringing the kids along to London. That takes courage! And can you remember Halloween when you were 3? Neither can I. Just have him trick-or-treat on the airplane for peanuts. Fun for all.

    Susan at Working Moms Against Guilt

  2. Tara R. October 16, 2007 at 1:49 am #

    The feelings of guilt do get better. There will be many, many more Halloweens to dress up for, but maybe not so many trips to London to see his great granny. Enjoy the trip and he will too.

    Tara at If Mom Says OK

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