No matter what appearance counts

25 Sep

I just read an interesting Post on Work It MOM blog about a VC’s reaction to a woman’s pink nails. The woman and her partnered presented a company to the VC, and apparently did a great job with the presentation. But one of the VC’s could not get beyond the fact she had bright pink nails. Apparently the rest of her outfit was VERY professional — but somehow the nails offended this VC.

Obviously this is wrong – and blatant discrimination. The woman was not dressed inappropriately, she did a great job at the task at hand and her only offense was a personal choice about her grooming. Unfortunately in this world women still have to deal with this type of judgment in the workplace. Somehow because she had pink nails – her intelligence was questioned, and this VC found her whole being to be inappropriate.

The lesson here – dress as you like, groom yourself as you like, but remember the world s NOT fair. Think about where you will be and who you will be working with and what image you want to present. When I know that I am going to be in a high level meeting with top executives, most of whom are male, I dress even more serious, with darker colors, erring on the side of too conservative. Should I have to do this? NO. Shouldn’t my work and my participation be what I am judged on? Yes. But unfortunately this is not the world that we live in. So for the time being – I figure I might as well do everything I can so that I am judged purely on what skills and talent I bring to the table.


One Response to “No matter what appearance counts”

  1. Nataly September 25, 2007 at 3:37 pm #

    Hi, Mommy CEO,

    Thanks so much for checking out the Work It, Mom! Blog and for your reaction to it. I happen to agree with you – although at the time, I didn’t fight my partners on this because I was too green at the firm to do it. The world is not fair – but if you want to succeed then I think you adopt to some of the rules that don’t offend you or your ethics and morals. I might like a funky color on my nails but I’ll take it off before I go to a business meeting to avoid any distraction.

    Hope to see you at Work It, Mom! often!

    Co-Founder & CEO

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