Honesty is not always the best policy

3 Sep

I just read Guy Kawasaki’s post on his blog about how to get a job, and his experience posting an opportunity on Craig’s List. I find it fascinating that people think that telling you EVERYTHING is a good angle when trying to get a job.

Recently I posted a job opportunity on Craig’s List for a nanny for my two young children. After weeding through many, many wacky responses my husband and I found an excellent candidate who we have now been employing for over two months. BUT, boy did I get some interesting “honest” responses. Here are some of the winners:

1. Will you offer health care? I am on lots of medication and need to have a job with health care.

OK who does this person think they are kidding? Does this sound like someone that I want taking care of my 11-month old and 3-year old? Not only do I need this person to be ULTRA responsible at my house with the kids, I also advertised that I needed someone with a car and good driving record. What the??

2. I am pregnant, due in a month with my second child. My first is 2 years old. Would that be a problem? I could take care of all four children (my two and your two).

Yeah – totally. When I advertised for a full-time nanny for my children, what I actually meant is let me pay you to take care of your children, and then watch mine as well. After all, four children under the age of 3 years should be a piece of cake, no?

3. I hope its o.k., I have only had a few car accidents in the last year.

Oh sure definitely. Please come drive the most precious part of my life around in your car.

4. I am currently available as I left my last nanny position, due to a personality conflict with the 4-year old.

Do I need to even comment on that one? Seriously? What kind of child care worker is this?

5. I live under the table. Could you maintain that life style for me?

Hmmmm. I assume she means she lives “off the grid” so to speak. Or maybe she lives under the table like my chocolate lab does (well, during meal times anyway)? And why would someone think that I care about maintaining their lifestyle? I want a good nanny, and I will pay a fair price, legally. Her lifestyle is her problem.

So when you apply to anything — think about what you are saying, and why, before you do!

Mommy CEO


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